It may be the most political New York Fashion Week ever (feminist tees, Women`s March organizers, pink Planned Parenthood buttons and white bandanas), but that hasn`t clouded the sunny optimism of the season`s hottest hue — yellow.
Could it be fashion is experiencing its own La La Land effect?
All week, designers have been sending models down the runway in knockout yellow long prom dresses, reminiscent of the hand-painted style worn by Emma Stone on the film musical`s poster, a look that has also inspired some of Hollywood`s top red-carpet stylists this awards season.
At Monday night’s combined Oscar de la Renta/Monse show, creative directors Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia showed happy Technicolor fashions, including two asymmetrical draped canary silk and velvet Monse looks. Joseph Altuzarra`s marigold velvet dress conveyed a hopeful spirit, as did Prabal Gurung`s lemony looks — the standout a long-sleeve dress with a gathered keyhole neck — the dessert, perhaps, that came out before his tear-jerker feminist march finale.
At Calvin Klein`s melancholy show, a ray of sunshine came in the form of a plastic covered yellow-gold fur coat, while Cedric Charlier’s fall 2017 lineup was the most sanguine of all, featuring yellow pops throughout.
Wednesday’s Delpozo collection featured a bevy of colorful stripes, but it was the off-the-shoulder canary and violet tulle confection that lit up social media.
Designers should make their voices heard, but it doesn`t hurt to brighten the landscape with a momentary escape, either. For more yellow on the runway, scroll through the gallery below.
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With filming for the first season of NBC’s breakout drama “This Is Us” done-and-dusted, actress Mandy Moore hopped a flight to New York to catch a few fashion shows and try to restore some sense of normality.
The Golden Globe-nominated actress’ career has accelerated in recent months due to her role as “Rebecca,” a blindingly frank mother of three, in the popular series that has a non-linear narrative. With events in the characters’ lives transpiring out-of-order, viewers inevitably have questions not only about the timeline, but also the progression of their own lives.
pics:white formal dresses
Before Lela Rose’s luncheon and fashion show at Loring Place Monday, Moore talked about how the show’s undercurrent of time is playing out in others’ lives. “What we’re doing is inherently about family. I hope that people are able to watch the show and identify bits and pieces of themselves, and the challenges and obstacles that they face. I know it’s helped people at least to start to have conversations that maybe they wouldn’t necessarily have,” she said. “That kind of speaks to the power of the medium of television and film.”
As much as she likes “being part of something that feels important and timely,” Moore said, “just being part of something that feels hopeful in this days and age” makes her feel very proud. As one of the more visible celebrity supporters of last month’s Women’s March, Moore said she is looking to her peers to see what the next steps are. Having first found fame as musician, she was part of the celebrity-studded “Fight Song” that aired at last summer’s Democratic National Committee.
“I think all of us don’t really have a choice to sit back. We can’t not be political any more. We don’t have a choice. We don’t have the option necessarily,” Moore said. “It’s our duty to step up and keep ourselves as informed and educated as we can stand to be. Because sometimes it’s easier to stick your head in the sand. So I’m trying day-by-day to put one foot in front of the other.”
Having appeared as “Rapunzel” in the 2010 film “Tangled,” Moore will also be part of the series by the same name that makes its debut on the Disney Channel on March 10. (“This Is Us” creator Dan Fogelman also wrote the movie “Tangled.”) Even though she grew up in Orlando, her ties to Disney were previously zilch. “It is so much fun. I feel like a little piece of that character lives inside of me — her spunk and her zest for life and her sense for adventure and fearlessness. I get to sing and be reunited with everybody that I worked with on the film.”
Her singing career took off at the age of 14, thanks to a FedEx driver who heard her in a Florida studio and later shared her music with a friend at A&R at Epic Records. “I am very grateful to them for jump-starting my career‚ for sure,” she said.
Taking a breather from the time travel that her role on “This Is Us” requires, Moore, whose divorce from Ryan Adams was finalized in June, was very much in the present Monday. “We just wrapped the show Friday and I’m trying to find some sense for normalcy again. I just came here immediately to be with my friends. We’re going to have a little bit of a girls’ week, take in some fashion shows [Marchesa, Marc Jacobs and Naeem Khan] and eat good food.”
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Valentine’s Day is upon us, which means it’s high time to treat that important person in your life… You. By Roe McDermott
This Valentine’s Day, we’re all about giving yourself the present of self-care and self-confidence, whatever form that takes. And if someone else enjoys how you look while you wear your present, well that’s a bonus, but really, quite beside the point.
pics:plus size prom dresses
Though we are sticking to one Valentine’s Day tradition: lingerie and loungewear. We believe that if you’re going to wear underwear all day, or PJs – hey, we don’t judge, who hasn’t done an all-day PJ Netflix binge? – you better feel damn good in them.
And what better way to treat yourself than by buying yourself underwear that’s also a fashion accessory? Thanks to the spring collections’ promise that crop tops and vests aren’t going anywhere, gorgeous bras and bralettes aren’t just underwear anymore – the detailing on them can instantly become an ensemble amplifier. Multiple straps, lace detailing and high necked bras can all add some sexy snap to a simple outfit, just by letting the detailing peek through vests and tops. Remember: straps add edge, lace adds femininity, so balance your outfits accordingly!
But even if you won’t be showing them off, wearing gorgeous bras and underwear can make you feel extra confident – and we all know that confidence is the key to making any outfit look like a million bucks. Make sure you’re wearing the right size so there’s no bulging or visible lines and get ready to turn every path into a catwalk.
Or maybe you’re feeling more like snoozing than strutting, and that’s fine too – but you still deserve some gorgeous PJs! Silk loungewear and robes will add some well-deserved luxury to your bedtime routine, and let you look at yourself first thing in the morning and think, “Hell yes, I really did wake up like this.”
If you prefer sweatpants to silk robes and feeling comfy instead of couture, we’ve also got you covered. Get ready for a day of junk food, pedicures and your favourite childhood movies in cosy onesies, cotton PJs and short sets emblazoned with your favourite cartoon and pop culture characters. Sometimes self-love involves passionate debate with your best friends about which Harry Potter house you all belong in, and you need PJs to highlight your lifelong loyalty to that Hufflepuff life. We understand, and accept you, even if we’re totally Ravenclaw ourselves. We still think you’re great. See? That’s real love, right there.
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With one of the most stunning views of Chicago as a backdrop, four couples got married or renewed their vows Sunday atop the Skydeck of the Willis Tower.
The couples won the second annual "Love on the Edge" contest ahead of Valentine`s Day for the rare opportunity.
"I feel like I`m on top of the world," said newly married Lara Robinson.
pics:plus size prom dresses
Her husband added: "Very surreal, it feels like a dream."
Each couple submitted video entries that showed why they should win a wedding atop Chicago`s most iconic landmark.
For groom David Castillo, wedding jitters were turned up because he is also afraid of heights.
"I made the mistake of looking down when I first stepped out," Castillo said.
At 103 floors up, Castillo said he was comforted by the sight of his lovely bride.
Kathy and Denis Kendall renewed their vows to celebrate 26 years of marriage.
"We didn`t have a big wedding, we just got married in the courthouse 26 years ago. I saw this opportunity and it was just beautiful," Kathy Kendall said.
Red roses decorated the white runner for the couples` private ceremony for close family and friends.
"It`s like a storybook wedding it`s a dream come true," said bride Jennifer Canales.
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Spring 2017 is coming up soon, and it’s introducing many new trends. It is bringing back old trends, as well as keeping some existing trends that are already in style.
The new styles introduced during the fashion weeks’ in Paris and New York City consist of many trends that might seem strange to people. They include over exposed clothing, corsets, ties and strings in odd places and every type of slit you could possibly think of. We have seen celebrities rocking the sheer outfits and corsets which soon made their way to the runway. Designers are adding straps to the bottoms of shirts to wrap around one’s stomach, straps to wrap down arms at different lengths, even at the bottom of athletic leggings.
Some “blasts from the past” trends are making an appearance this spring as well. These consist mostly of trends from the ‘80s. These lucky trends say to wear bright neon colors, bold colored stripes… well, any kind of stripe. They are also bringing back ruffles on sleeves and prom dresses 2017, almost on anything. Don’t forget to try some extremely oversized clothing with an extra baggy look. This could be something like a buttoned down shirt being worn as dress. Extra-large sleeves, bell bottoms, extra-extra-large earings and bags are huge, so any item of clothing that is oversized is a perfect look to go for. The glam of the 80s is making its way back into our lives and who couldn’t be happy.
The already existing and thriving trends that will continue on this spring include, of course, the never-ending trend of the choker. The edgy destroyed outfit and pastel pinks and khakis seem to be going strong as they continue into a new year. The trend makes sporty looks, tube tops and anything off the shoulder stay in style and hopefully will forever. As for your feet, don’t worry because the strappy sandals and platform sandals that everyone loved last spring and summer are still going to be put to use this coming spring.
Rock a wardrobe that has every shade of yellow, blue, pink and some khaki this coming season. Dress with a look of elegance mixed with a dash of rebel for a street look. Last, don’t forget that any necklace from a choker to a thirty-inch pendant chain can help complete any outfit! Keep your outfits bright and bold, and keep the ‘80s in mind because they may be taking over the world of fashion.
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Q: What if you’re comfortable with your personal style, but it’s so out of whack with the norms of the area where you live that it makes you uneasy? I wear a lot of colorful and wacky prom dresses 2017. And when I lived in Austin or Los Angeles, this was fine and normal. In the Midwest, however, it sometimes feels ... odd. I feel as if I’m forced to choose between dressing in a way that makes me comfortable while standing out in a way I don’t want to, or wearing clothes that really don’t feel like me while blending in. Any suggestions?
A: I’d love to shout, “Wear whatever you want! Naysayers be damned!” Some folks are able to happily and wholly prioritize personal style preferences over cultural norms, and kudos to them for their enviable confidence. But it sounds like you’re uncomfortable with people scrutinizing your bright, funky dresses. Balancing personal preferences with environmental pressures is something many of us wish to do. It’s a natural human instinct.
So try examining the individual pieces that people around you are wearing. Which ones resonate with you? Are you drawn to their blazers, cardigans, heels or button-front shirts? Are there ways to mix these items with looks that feel more you, creating a hybrid of sorts? If that tactic falls flat, consider creating a color palette: If you favor brights but the Twin Cities palette seems neutral-heavy, can you experiment with more bright/neutral mixes? Whatever the case, finding your way to a hybrid is probably the best solution.
Q: I’d love some advice for women who are hard on their clothes. I’m a stay-at-home mom who spends a lot of time outdoors with kids and dogs, in the garden, in the kitchen, making art, etc. I have a lot of fun, funky clothes in my wardrobe that have been relegated to “special occasions only” because they end up stained and torn if I wear them on a daily basis. How do you build a wardrobe of clothing that can take a beating? I’d like to wear more than just jeans and T-shirts.
A: My main advice would be this: thrift. Anything you buy that’s used and cheap won’t cause as much sorrow, especially when the family makes mincemeat of it. Search for skinny jeans with stretch or funky colored cords, embellished tees, versatile cargo jackets for layering, durable and washable blouses. Seek out quality fabrics and well-made goods at thrift and consignment shops and you’ll get cute looks for a lot less.
Any woman who does work that is potentially messy and damaging to clothing but is also extremely active needs closefitting tops that allow her to move. Jersey knit garments are your best bets since sweaters are easily snagged by, say, puppy teeth. Or an overzealous tot. So scour your local thrift store for printed long-sleeved tees, tees with subtle embellishments (preferably near the neckline), patterned/striped/polka-dotted tees, and tees in bright, vibrant colors. Try layering to make more interesting outfits — a deep-V long-sleeved tee over a contrasting tank top, a long-sleeved tee under a short-sleeved one, a fun tee peeking out from a crinkly cotton button-down with the sleeves rolled up.
If you’re willing to invest in a few nicer pieces, scope out vendors who cater to athletic women such as Title 9, prAna and Athleta. Sport-specific garments are their bread and butter, but these companies also sell more fashion-forward “lifestyle” clothes made from the same durable, washable fabrics and with the same quality construction.
Finally, check 6pm.com and Amazon.com for funky, inexpensive boots and ankle booties. Closed-toe shoes are a must and I believe that styled correctly, boots can be worn pretty much year-round. Invest in a few pairs of cheap but interesting boots to round out your durable but stylish wardrobe.
Q: I own several long-sleeved dresses, all very work-appropriate and originally purchased with fall and winter in mind. Unfortunately, the dresses become super staticky when worn with tights. And that makes for uncomfortable workdays. I have a similar problem with several of my knee-length professional skirts. Help! Do you have any tips for eliminating static with tights?
A: I do, though none are especially groundbreaking.
Static can be a bear during the winter months, and it becomes especially relentless when the air is dry. Which means that adding moisture of any kind will help: If your skirt is sticking to your tights, simply dampening your hands with water and patting your thighs will — at least temporarily — keep fabrics from clinging. Depending on the delicacy of your tights (and your willingness to carefully hand-launder them), you can also try a bit of hand lotion mixed with a drop or two of water. Again, pat the mixture onto the tights where they’re causing friction and you’ll have a longer-lasting static repellent than water alone.
But honestly? I advise keeping a can of Static Guard on-hand. You can spray the stuff fairly liberally on both tights and clothes, and it tends to keep the cling at bay for a couple of hours in all but the most Sahara-like environments. (Avoid using it on super-delicate fabrics like silk and satin.)
And if either skirt or prom dresses 2016 is made from a relatively heavy material, a half-slip works wonders. Layered under slinky jersey knits, it’ll just add to the wad of material nestled near your nether regions. But with wool, twill and most ponte knits, a half-slip creates the perfect slippery barrier between tights and skirt.

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Suwannee High School updated their prom dress guidelines to not allow two-piece prom dresses 2017 this year.
According to Principal Malcolm Hines, the policy was changed after problems the school faced last year with two-piece dresses.
Hines said he understands some students have already purchased dresses.
“We will work with the kids,” Hines said.
Students can present Hines a picture of their dress for approval on a case-by-case basis.
He said he does not want students to wear two-piece dresses that show their midriff.
“I want the community and the school to be proud of what our young ladies look like,” Hines said.
Hines also acknowledged that the guidelines came out later than planned and promised next year the guidelines will be out in August.
The prom dress guidelines for Suwannee High School states the dress must have a modest neckline and cover enough of the back so that it does not give the “impression” of a “totally” backless dress. Strapless or spaghetti strapped dresses must be of a cut or design so that they represent a modest impression. Dresses must be long enough so that they meet the length standard of the SHS dress code. Dresses with slits must be slit no higher than mid-thigh. See through or revealing material should not be worn. Two-piece dresses are not allowed.
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You don’t play Erica Kane on All My Children for 41 years (with all the attendant events and Emmys ceremonies that entails) without amassing a sizable wardrobe of designer clothing. But at some point, even the most fabulous divas with the biggest closets have to part with some of their favorite pieces to make room for more clothes. And of course, she has to unload her items in a suitably glamorous way. Starting March 1, the actress will be auctioning off more than 300 of her personal items, from housewares to purses to designer gowns, on Everything But the House. All items will start at $1, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit UCP of NYC, a nonprofit that assists children and adults who have cerebral palsy.
So now that you’ve set your calendar alert, what should you be getting psyched for over the coming month? In addition to items like china and couches, there are hundreds of items straight from her closet, including a gold lamé Anne Klein jumpsuit, Chanel bag, Miu Miu heels and sheer black gown she wore to the Daytime Emmys in 1993 (see her wearing it here!), all pictured below.
Also on the block: a vintage blue lamé 2017 prom dresses she wore to a 1990 gala, the sherbet-colored Escada Couture ballgown she wore to the 1998 Daytime Emmys, a red Christian Lacroix gown she wore to a ball in 1993, and the Gucci coat and slinky white dress she’s pictured in, above. And all of it can be yours to swan around in starting March 1 on Everything But the House.

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A bride and her family escaped from their village on the day of the wedding, leaving the groom heart-broken.
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The groom Bilawal from Mirzapur had married his wife Parveen 15 years ago. The marriage was to take place formally on Saturday after the girl had come of age. In a traditional ‘Watta Satta’ ceremony Bilawal’s sister Rubina had married the bride’s brother.
When the groom wearing a brand new Sherwani reached the bride’s village her family demanded that another marriage between the two families should take place. When no such agreement was reached, the bride and her family sped away from the village through the backdoor of their house.
The angry groom staged a protest outside the bride’s house. He refused to leave the house without bride.
Bilawal claims that he had paid Rs75,000 to the bride’s family as part of the wedding expenses. “I want my bride back,” he said.
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It’s certainly tough to keep track as to what the real story is between one of the entertainment world’s most adorable couples. The rumors are constantly swirling about Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton alleging that the two are engaged and getting married, and even some rumors suggesting that the “No Doubt” front-woman is already expecting a child with the country singer.
The latest rumor is that Gwen and Blake are calling off their wedding, but this can’t be even the slightest bit true because reliable sources close to the stars indicate that the pair, who met as co-judges on the hit show The Voice, were never planning a wedding to begin with.
pics:prom dresses 2016
Extra relays the details about these false claims and how the facts of the matter have surfaced.
“Despite a tabloid report, Gwen Stefani did not call off marrying Blake Shelton. In fact, there was not a wedding to call off, since the couple is not planning — yet — to tie the knot! Furthermore, the false reports claim that the ‘The Voice’ coach is pregnant and that Blake has moved out of the couple’s home, saying, ‘The tension between them has reached a boiling point. Shortly after the holidays, Gwen was thinking of calling off the wedding entirely.`”As the publication shares, Gossip Cop has verified that the rumor is fabricated and that ” Stefani’s reps [share] that she is not pregnant, nor has she called off the non-existent wedding.” So what is really going on with the star couple?
Reports have been made that Gwen and Blake are geared up for a big Super Bowl party again this year. The two have been spotted in Sherwood, California after having made a stop into a local supermarket for tasty treats to celebrate the anticipated annual sporting event. CB Pop Culture shares details about the star sighting.
“It looks like A-list couple Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are already ramped up and ready to cheer on the new England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. The Voice judges were photographed in Sherwood, Ca. outside of their local Ralph’s supermarket, after having loaded up several carts full of snacks and drinks, that almost certainly scream ‘Super Bowl Party!`”The pair looked as adorable as ever in matching denim ensembles while Gwen’s youngest son Apollo joined on the party-prep errand.
January 25, 2017Gwen and Blake met while filming The Voice back in late summer of 2015 and admitted to a new romance only a couple of months later. Both Stefani and Shelton were coming through difficult divorces from their exes and found support from one another during the trying time. The rest is history as the couple has been solid and regularly gushed about one another to the media ever since.
A recent cute exchange between the talented couple happened on a clip that previews the upcoming season of The Voice. Gwen and Blake joke about hooking up, as ET shares.
“I just did a country song with Blake Shelton,” Stefani says. “I got the hookup!”
Gwen then adds, “I don’t feel like there’s any kind of boundaries,” Stefani adds. “So anything can go.” As for the most romantic day of the year, which is fast approaching, Blake did admit that he isn’t the best about planning for such occasions, as the publication shares after posing the question to the singer at the People’s Choice Awards recently.
“I’m one of those guys that’s always last minute, like, ‘Oh dammit. It’s here, it’s here!’ Get some flowers or something. I’m not good at planning surprises when it comes to Valentine’s Day,” he confessed, “but we’ll definitely celebrate.”
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