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Spring 2017 is coming up soon, and it’s introducing many new trends. It is bringing back old trends, as well as keeping some existing trends that are already in style.

The new styles introduced during the fashion weeks’ in Paris and New York City consist of many trends that might seem strange to people. They include over exposed clothing, corsets, ties and strings in odd places and every type of slit you could possibly think of. We have seen celebrities rocking the sheer outfits and corsets which soon made their way to the runway. Designers are adding straps to the bottoms of shirts to wrap around one’s stomach, straps to wrap down arms at different lengths, even at the bottom of athletic leggings.

Some “blasts from the past” trends are making an appearance this spring as well. These consist mostly of trends from the ‘80s. These lucky trends say to wear bright neon colors, bold colored stripes… well, any kind of stripe. They are also bringing back ruffles on sleeves and prom dresses 2017, almost on anything. Don’t forget to try some extremely oversized clothing with an extra baggy look. This could be something like a buttoned down shirt being worn as dress. Extra-large sleeves, bell bottoms, extra-extra-large earings and bags are huge, so any item of clothing that is oversized is a perfect look to go for. The glam of the 80s is making its way back into our lives and who couldn’t be happy.

The already existing and thriving trends that will continue on this spring include, of course, the never-ending trend of the choker. The edgy destroyed outfit and pastel pinks and khakis seem to be going strong as they continue into a new year. The trend makes sporty looks, tube tops and anything off the shoulder stay in style and hopefully will forever. As for your feet, don’t worry because the strappy sandals and platform sandals that everyone loved last spring and summer are still going to be put to use this coming spring.

Rock a wardrobe that has every shade of yellow, blue, pink and some khaki this coming season. Dress with a look of elegance mixed with a dash of rebel for a street look. Last, don’t forget that any necklace from a choker to a thirty-inch pendant chain can help complete any outfit! Keep your outfits bright and bold, and keep the ‘80s in mind because they may be taking over the world of fashion.

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Dikirim pada 10 Februari 2017 di Uncategories
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