Valentine’s Day is upon us, which means it’s high time to treat that important person in your life… You. By Roe McDermott

This Valentine’s Day, we’re all about giving yourself the present of self-care and self-confidence, whatever form that takes. And if someone else enjoys how you look while you wear your present, well that’s a bonus, but really, quite beside the point.

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Though we are sticking to one Valentine’s Day tradition: lingerie and loungewear. We believe that if you’re going to wear underwear all day, or PJs – hey, we don’t judge, who hasn’t done an all-day PJ Netflix binge? – you better feel damn good in them.

And what better way to treat yourself than by buying yourself underwear that’s also a fashion accessory? Thanks to the spring collections’ promise that crop tops and vests aren’t going anywhere, gorgeous bras and bralettes aren’t just underwear anymore – the detailing on them can instantly become an ensemble amplifier. Multiple straps, lace detailing and high necked bras can all add some sexy snap to a simple outfit, just by letting the detailing peek through vests and tops. Remember: straps add edge, lace adds femininity, so balance your outfits accordingly!

But even if you won’t be showing them off, wearing gorgeous bras and underwear can make you feel extra confident – and we all know that confidence is the key to making any outfit look like a million bucks. Make sure you’re wearing the right size so there’s no bulging or visible lines and get ready to turn every path into a catwalk.

Or maybe you’re feeling more like snoozing than strutting, and that’s fine too – but you still deserve some gorgeous PJs! Silk loungewear and robes will add some well-deserved luxury to your bedtime routine, and let you look at yourself first thing in the morning and think, “Hell yes, I really did wake up like this.”

If you prefer sweatpants to silk robes and feeling comfy instead of couture, we’ve also got you covered. Get ready for a day of junk food, pedicures and your favourite childhood movies in cosy onesies, cotton PJs and short sets emblazoned with your favourite cartoon and pop culture characters. Sometimes self-love involves passionate debate with your best friends about which Harry Potter house you all belong in, and you need PJs to highlight your lifelong loyalty to that Hufflepuff life. We understand, and accept you, even if we’re totally Ravenclaw ourselves. We still think you’re great. See? That’s real love, right there.

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